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Converting Your Local Customers to Brand Advocates in Social Media for Restaurants

You don’t get all of your social media followers over internet. Some of them actually visit your restaurant then decides to follow your social media accounts and/or generate content on social media about your business. But what can you do to spur them to follow your social media accounts or to generate content about your restaurant on social media? There are plenty solutions you can adopt.  Let’s underline two of the easiest methods you can easily apply yourself.



  • Response


People love to feel cared. You have to show them that what they say really matters. Ofcourse you can’t get in contact with all of your customers but reaching some could be pretty beneficial. Why? A) People talk. If you comment on their post or reach them somehow they tend to share this information with others. “Look! My favourite restaurant just responded my post on facebook!” is not an extraordinary reaction.  B) Even if they don’t share this information with others, the other social media users will see that you are replying people and it will impress them.


  • Displaying the Social Feed


Another method of showing people that you care what they say is displaying your social feed. You can use publing to collect social feed from the most popular social media platforms, customise and display it on an indoor screen or on your webpage.

When you display the social feed on screens, the content will become more tangible and this will attract your local customers to generate more contents about your restaurant and this is what you are aiming for. The real people, advocates your brand for you.  

Why Brand Advocacy is Important?


Brand advocacy is a key feature in social media marketing these days. It connects you to your target group over real content which your potential customers has a tendency to believe. Rather than your fancy pictures on instagram or the texts on your webpage, people prefer to hear it from a friend. So when you convert a single person to advocate your brand on social media, you are reaching approximately 200 people within your target group of your potential customers and your potential brand advocates.

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