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Marketing Tips for Restaurants: How to Survive on Internet without an Active Web Page

Keeping a business related website up-to-date is an issue.  For restaurants it is more problematic. If you are not changing your menu often, there is not much to change on your restaurant’s website. This is why most of the restaurant websites are far away from being up-to-date.

So what are you going to do to survive on internet? You will use the power of something really powerful. Social Media.


3 Steps to Increase Customer Engagement and Attract more Customers via Social Media for Restaurants

  • Drive your customers to an #Hashtag

Hashtags are the new trend. We use it, we love it. So does your customers. So instead of using @XRestaurant use #XRestaurant and lead your customers to use it. Include your brand so they can spread the word for you.  They already love to share things with their friends or followers so if you navigate them thru, they would love to follow.


  • Own a unique #Hashtag

It can be the name of your restaurant or a special dish or whatever you want it to be. The key point is you have to own it. It has to be unique so people wouldn’t confuse it with something else. Be sure it is not something which has already been being used by people for something related or unrelated. Something special for you as #IloveRestaurantX is favorable, but something general as #LOL or #London would be substandart.


  • Display the content on Indoor Screens

People love to get a response. If you show them you care, they will engage more. If they will engage more, they will post more about your restaurant on social media. If they post more, you will attract more potential new customers.

You can use Publing to display the social feed from the most popular social media platforms on an indoor screen.  Publing makes it easy to control,customise and display.


None of these steps require a website. But if you already have one you can also use Publing to  display the social media feed on your website real easy and quick. Showcase your business over social media so world can see how satisfied your customers are.

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