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Q&A: What is The Best Social Media Aggregator?

What is the best Social Media Aggregator?
I am looking to be able to read my friend feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, &c. in one place.


As many others mentioned, If you are only willing to aggregate and manage social media accounts in one application, it would be fair to say that HootSuite is beyond competition. But if this is not the only reason you would like to use a social media aggregator there is one particular tool I would like to recommend.


But first let’s see what are the other features of social media aggregators:


Social Media Aggregators can be used for aggregating the content from the most popular social media accounts in order to be able to analyse, moderate, curate and display the social feed. If you have more than one social media accounts, it would be, first difficult to control, second difficult for your customers to reach them. For instance one potential customer who visits your website, would only reach the content on your website. It is not likely that they will spend their precious time to check each of your social media accounts. But if you aggregate your social media feed, which contains not only the brand generated content but also the user generated content, it wouldn’t be hard for this potential customer to reach.


So which tool I recommend? Publing.


Along with its affordable solutions for all businesses no matter how big they are, Publing has state of the art features which attracts all businesses especially hotels, restaurants, events and also brands & agencies.


Publing is more than just another aggregator in the market. It is the “best social media aggregator”. All in all its features are not limited to only aggregating the content but also displaying it. Publing offers you perfect designs, variety of layouts and being customisable from up to top which you can set up within couple minutes and place on any platform you want (i.e. your website) hassle free.



In some situations you might need a peculiar design for your social media display. Publing also offers possibility to design tailor-made displays using Publing API.


One other feature of Social Media Aggregators is organising the disorganised content and making it easier to reach. By Publing’s Content Filter you can display the content within the chosen criteria. So it gives you big advantage to increase user engagement. For instance it aggregates the Instagram pictures from the Hashtags of #london #manchester #liverpool for the UK and #newyork #sanfrancisco #california for the USA.


Another plus of Publing is the moderation. You can moderate the display within minutes so it will be protected and updated at the same time. Publing also offers great support for its customers. As all you guys know, sometimes you might need help. Publing would never let you down.


There are many great features I can and would like to mention but I don’t want to make this post longer. Just one more, by using Publing you can add a call-to-action button to a post to make more of it. For example a “Book Now” call-to-action button for a specific offer.


Here is the Social Media Display of Publing

Social Media posts from Publing displayed on a single screen

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