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Social Media Management for Small Businesses

Not long time ago, small business owners were managing only business related issues. The quality of service and first-hand communication with their customers were the only things which they had to concentrate. They were waking up early, opening the shop and doing business. This was all that matters. There was no social media to manage, the terms such as social wall weren’t ringing any bells. Only walls we knew were Berlin Wall and The Wall from Pink Floyd.


Business is changed. It is getting more and more complicated and competitive every day. We know that you sometimes wish to have more hours in a day to be able to manage everything, address every issue your business might face. You are giving up on many things in order to be successful. You are sleeping less, spending less time with your family and friends in order to achieve your goals, to grow bigger and bigger. We understand your ambitions. We definitely do.


How to Cope: Social Media for Small Businesses

small-business-blogMost of the businesses today have at least one social media account. But how they manage social media accounts is a bigger issue than having one.  Medium and big businesses which can afford hiring a social media agency are doing better job handling the social media. But small business owners are having setbacks doing the same.  What you are going to share with your followers could become a real issue sometimes.  Even if you could find the best content to post, the only followers you have are likely to be people who are already aware of your business.  So what you can do to get out of this dead end is to include your customers to your social media marketing strategy.

Let Your Satisfied Customers Become Your Marketers

Small businesses have strong engagement with their customers and every satisfied customer is a possible money maker for you. This is how social media works. When they create content for you either mentioning your social media accounts or using your hashtag they will boost your traffic and they will help you to attract new customers. Instead of your pictures of your products or services, no matter how professional they are, people are willing to hear from people who has done business with you. Let them spread the word. When it is one of their friends either in real life or in social media, it would be more effective.  When you achieve to gather more attraction, the rest is simply converting this attention to new customers.

Converting  New Customers

This is the key of success.  This is the main target of social media marketing. You have to create this loop of “satisfied customers-attraction-new customers” it is really important. Every satisfied customer is a possibe attraction bringer. if you use the content generated by them to increase customer engagement and to convert new customers.  You will be doing well.

Concentrate to Satisfy Your Customers

Plan is simple as we mentioned before. BUT; Will you be able to check every social media account, every single content which has been posted about your business? Until some end you might, but when you succesfully grow your business attraction on social media, it will become frustrating. Timewise, effortwise, it will be tiresome. When it becomes what will you do? Will you give up on something which is extremely beneficial for your business? You shouldn’t. This is where Publing kicks in.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Solution for Small Businesses


Publing is a marketing tool with affordable social media marketing solutions for small businesses which would help you to understand what your customers really want , to build a beneficial relationship between customer and the business. What Publing does for you to bring all the data from most popular social media platforms altogether for you to check, customize and display. Display? Display how? Well, it is up to you. With Publing you can display the social media contents on your website to make your potential customers to see the content about your customers’ experience with you business.

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