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Turning Dreamers into Bookers via User Generated Content

The era, which we are living in, is called by many as the information era. It all began with a small device called computer after that we got the internet and social media followed it rapidly. It changed our lives and it changed the business. People started to share everything. The book they read, the restaurant they made reservation at, the hotel they stay, everything. Marketers saw a potential in this habit so they wanted to use it and they called it the user generated content, UGC.




The power of UGC

User generated content is a tool which is increasing its importance every day for marketers. It is the new trend and you know business is all about catching up with the new trends. But why user generated content is so important for tourism industry? Let’s see some numbers to analyze if it is important as we say or not.


76% of social media users post about their travel on social media (SocialTimes)


85% of travelers use mobile devices while traveling (TripBarometer)

of travelers make online bookings via mobile phone or tablet (

of consumers trust a company more if they’re on social media (

of people plan their travel using their mobile phones (

Billion photos, 500 million Tweets and 80 million Instagram pictures every day


Can something with this volume be anything else than important? I don’t think it could.




Another point is researches are indicating that people are trusting user generated content more than any other way of marketing and also they are being influenced by their friends on social media. Have you ever considered if so many people weren’t talking about the Eiffel Tower what would happen with the tourism of Paris?


What Publing has to offer?


  • Collect
    Publing gives you the freedom to bring easily all of the related content to your business from the most popular social media platforms together.
  • Moderate
    In just a few seconds, you can approve or reject the content according to your objectives.
  • Display
    You can display the social media content on a screen or on your website or an indoor screen.

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