Publing collects social media posts from different sources and shows them on many different displays.


Gather up the content from your Social Media Platforms

Connect and control all your digital feeds instantly.

Publing lets you collect the content from the most popular social media platforms.

Available Content Sources

Facebook Page posts by you and your fans.
Tweets and Instagram photos posted by a user or tagged by a hashtag
Pins by user, Youtube Channel videos, Google+ activities


Using the powerful Dashboard features, moderate the content collected by the source.

Follow up and show the approved and complete content automatically or manually.

Available features of moderation

Approve post by yourself or by the system.
Pin the post that matters the most for your business to the top of the display.
Have all the control, get more effective and productive on screens in second.
Profanity filter rejects the posts for you.


Show your content on any website or screen in minutes

No need for an extra API implementation, no extra-cost to show the posts. Not enough? Decide your layout and offer real-time experience. Screen customization? Sure!

Sample use cases for the display

Showcase your content on any website.
Use event screens for an interactive communication or engage your customers with indoor screens simultaneously.
Use fully-dynamic user-generated-content advertising