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Q&A: How can one create a live stream/photo feed wall of Twitter and Instagram

What I want to do:
I want to host an event. There will be a big screen which will be connected to a computer. I want that the people can tweet a certain hashtag, for example a picture, and this picture will be displayed on the big screen.



Since this question was asked in 2014 and there has been some changes I wanted to post an answer and correct some possible mistakes which might drive people to the wrong conclusion.


First of all not everyone is able to pull Instagram pictures and display it on another platform. You need to get permission from Instagram and Instagram gives this permission to the limited number of products which are Social Media Aggregators. Therefore some of the given information might be misleading.


Second, aiming only the Hashtags is not productive anymore. Since by using tools, you are able to aggregate content not only via #Hashtags but also via @Usernames. (You can check my article What is Social Media Display to get to know more about this)


Third, displaying the social media on screen is good, but not enough anymore. Because you wouldn’t want to limit your capacity with the venue’s capacity. Let people around the world reach the Social Media Display over your website (or another platform) so you can increase the engagement. The more people talk about your event, the more it will increase the possible success of the current and future events.


Publing, is a handy tool I would recommend. Not only that I work for Publing, but also I know what it is capable of.

  • If you want to display the feed somewhere else except screen, Publing provides an API and gives you freedom to use your creativity while picking the place of the display.
  • It has super cool templates and layouts for events.
  • You can aggregate and display various Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)
  • Incredible support and Uptime, I suppose you wouldn’t like to risk your event by getting poor-quality service.
  • Affordable prices for great quality.


Please check the website, to see the product in action and do not hesitate to ask more questions.


For further information about how you can use social media display at events, please check out my blog post on Social Media Displays at your event



The question was asked on Quora and answered on 2017, January 13. Please check out the other answers


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