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Social Media Display for Coffee Shops

As Thomas Jefferson once said Coffee is the favorite drink of the civilized world. We all love coffee, therefore the competition between Coffee Shops are great.  On this competition, you might be thinking “How can I attract customers to my Coffee Shop?”. Have you ever wondered how your competitors are having more customers than you do? It is because of the marketing, especially Social Media Marketing.  



How to utilize Social Media for your Coffee Shop?


Social Media is a great platform to engage with your customers. Think about the biggest coffee shops. Even if you want to create something totally different than theirs, think how they got this big. What they have that you don’t have? Brand advocates. People, real people, talking about them. This is why they are so popular and this is what you should exactly do; making people talk about you.  

How can you make people talk about you?

At the beginning, they might need some motivation. Provide to them the necessary motivation. Give them treats, give them a discount or be creative. Just motivate them to post about your coffee shop and don’t forget to drive them to your unique #Hashtag. The more you will make people talk, the more people will come and guess what will they also do? They will talk too. Ka-ching. #Winning


Which Social Media Platform to Start your Campaign?

You will give treats, you will give a discount or you found another way to motivate your customers to post about you on Social Media. But which Social Media platform you will choose? There are so many of them. You can’t expect all of your customers will have an account on the Social Media platform you chose. If you are planning to make the same campaign on every Social Media account then how you will manage to control all of the content? When you have 10 customers it might sound easy. But when your numbers reach to 100? 200? Will you be able to say the same? I would doubt that.



Social Media Aggregation for Coffee Shops

Social Media Aggregation, basically, is the strategy to aggregate content from the most popular Social Media platforms. So this is what you will use. You will drive your customers to use your unique #Hashtag and you will use Social Media Aggregation to aggregate the content. So how you can use the aggregated content? By displaying it.

Social Media Display for Coffee Shops

Social Media Display is a tool which enables you to use the user-generated, the content your customers create, content within the brand-generated content, the content you create and display the content at a place you might make the difference from your competitors. You can display it on your website for instance and keep your website up-to-date without even moving a muscle or you can display it on an indoor screen in your coffee shop and increase customer engagement which drives your customers to become brand advocates. About using your Social Media Display I can honestly say the sky is your limit. Use your imagination and we will be here for you whenever you have an idea which might sound crazy for others.

Why Publing Social Media Display?

Publing Social Media Display is designed to be user-friendly. You can set up your Social Media Display in couple minutes by using Publing. Another plus of Publing is being affordable and providing amazing support whenever you need assistance.

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