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Q&A: What is The Best Way to Promote New Cafe?

What is the best way to promote new cafe in London?


All of the answers contain very good strategies. So I have to say, almost all would be pretty successful. I might add another point to the crowd so you might combine all to get the best:


I am sure you have realised that Londoners are pretty active on Social Media, their standards are high and due to the variety of options they are quite picky. Therefore in order to stay alive in the huge competition and preferably become the attention centre you must have an efficient marketing strategy.

First thing I would like to underline is the importance of being “discoverable

You probably see those neighbour cafes one is full of people and the other is rather empty and question what is the difference. Let me help you with that. The difference is the way that they handle their marketing and this is not only for London but for every city.

If you have a huge marketing budget. You can go with the mostly known strategies. You can even go door to door and promote your cafe. But if your marketing budget is limited as most of the newly opened cafes I recommend you to put weight on Social Media. I am pretty sure you are already serving perfect, so making your customers spread the word how good your service and atmosphere are, should be your strategy.

If you need some help with finding what to read I can direct you to our articles

I also recommend you to check Crowd Marketing ideas. I use this example to explain it to our customers:

At first you won’t get so many customers therefore your Social Media Accounts will not be known by many, except your friends and family. So instead of using your Social Media Accounts and reaching to people who are already aware how good your service is, you should make your customers post about your cafe so you can reach your potential customer target group. When one customer posts about your cafe, and let’s assume he or she has only 200 Instagram followers. You will reach 200 potential customers. Isn’t it amazing?

This article would tell you more about Crowd Marketing: How to increase Customer Satisfaction via Social Feed

For anyone who seeks affordable and modern way of promoting a new cafe/business in such a tough competitive environment like London, I strongly recommend Publing.

Here is the most preferred strategy by many clients of us:

  • First pick a suitable hashtag which reflects your brands.
  • Write that hashtag on a chalkboard and ask your customers to post about your cafe on social media using the hashtag.
  • Display those posts on your website or your indoor screen. You don’t need a posh website design to go live, customer-generated content on a Publing screen will be good looking enough to display on homepage.



If you want to know where to start these 2 articles may help you:

The question was asked on Quora and answered on 2017, February 11. Please check out the other answers

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