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Crowd Marketing in Hotel Industry: How to increase Customer Satisfaction via Social Feed

Crowd Marketing is one of the most useful tools for marketing. You all heard about it somehow. But how we approach it, is more essential. Let’s have a look, what is crowd marketing and how we can benefit from it in the hotel industry.

We are living in social media era. We are all posting what we read, where we eat, which hotel we stay et al.  As a result of this, we simply generate content for others and Crowd Marketing uses the user generated content and social media to market products or/and services.  It sounds wise, doesn’t it?

Significance of Crowd Marketing


Another question: If you got to prefer, which one would you prefer, an Instagram account with 100 followers or 100 people posting about their customer experience?  We, for sure, would prefer the second. But why? Average social media user has 200-300 followers/friends. So when one, single individual posts a content, around 200 other people from your target group will reach to the content about his/her staying in your hotel.  The rest is simple mathematics: you will gain people’s attention from a content which was created by someone they already trust.   of attention.

Positive Impact of Social Media in Hotel Marketing

An input from an individual who is already connected with your target group is an important asset in hotel marketing.  You can use it to understand what your customers really want and also to engage with them.  The more you engage with your customers, the more potential customers will be attracted and also the more you understand what your customers want the more you can influence positively to customer satisfaction.

Sky is, literally, the limit. In the hotel industry, you can use crowd marketing to make various campaigns to engage with your customers and increase customer satisfaction to reach more customers.

Publing on Hotel Marketing


Yes, we can see what is the question here.  “How will you gather all this data together?”  If you are hosting 50 guests per month you might think it is manageable.  When it becomes  100? 200? 300? Will you be able to spare time for it? Or would it be wise hiring someone to manage social media accounts for you?  Another question: where and how will you display the social feed? Linking to your social media accounts is not the social media trend anymore.  If you want to catch up with the new trends of social media in the hotel industry by using a state-of-the-art tool and engage with your customers efficiently to increase customer satisfaction but don’t know how, we have a solution for you, Publing.

Publing simply gathers social media content from most popular social media platforms altogether. So it gives you the freedom to customise social feed and display user-generated contents from your customers on your web page or anywhere you might find beneficial to increase social media engagement.


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