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New Trend in Restaurant Marketing: The Social Media Display

Significance of Social Media

Social Media is important. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it in business today. But knowing it and using it efficiently are two different things. You should really pay attention to your social media marketing strategy. If you can hire a marketer and let him/her take care it for you, it is great. If you can’t afford a marketer please read my previous article on “Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants and start planning your social media marketing strategy for your restaurant.


Social Media content aggregated by Publing and displayed on various screens.


Is it enough just to be on the Social Media?

Most of the business owners think that being on Social Media is enough. Yes, Social Media presence is important but if you want to use it efficiently, you should do more than just existing. What you need to do is making your customers post about your restaurant. You need to navigate them to your Social Media accounts and hashtags, so they can start becoming a brand advocate for your restaurant. Brand advocacy is one of the essential things you need to aim. If you want to know more about brand advocacy and how to convert your customers to brand advocates check my article on “Converting Your Local Customers to Brand Advocates in Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media Display

After this long, long introduction let’s talk about the Social Media Displays and how you can use them for your restaurant, shall we?

Social Media Displays simply aggregate the content from the most popular Social Media accounts. Firmly it brings the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. together so you can display all the posts on a single page.  So it means you don’t only display the brand generated content, but also the user generated content.

Where and How you can use the Social Media Display?

You want to use Social Media Display and don’t know where to use let’s check out where and how you can use the Social Media Display.

1)   Websites

We live in a Social Media era, now people check the website of the restaurant they are planning to visit. And they want to reach the correct information fast and easy. If you are thinking that they will spend minutes to find and follow each and every Social Media Account you have, you are rather optimistic than realistic. Therefore you have to bring your Social Media Accounts to them. By placing a Social Media Display onto your website you can achieve this very efficiently. They will check what other people say about your restaurant on different Social Media Platforms and they will be persuaded that you are as good as you say.

Of course easing the way for your customers to your restaurant is not the only feature of Social Media Displays. First of all Social Media Displays increase Social Media Engagement. When your customers see that you are displaying their words on your website, they will start to post more about your restaurant. The more they post, the more social visibility you will get. The more visibility you get, the more customers will visit your restaurant.

Another feature of Social Media Displays is to give you potential marketing materials. You can use the Instagram pictures to create a menu for your restaurant for instance or place the pictures on either digital or print media to use for marketing purposes.

Social Media Display for Restaurants

2)   Indoor Screens

People look at these screens. While entering your restaurant or waiting for their meals, they check these screens. So instead of displaying music video why wouldn’t you share something which would help you to grow your business? Displaying the Social Media Display on indoor screens is driving people to join the action. If you are displaying the Instagram pictures, they start to post more on Instagram and when they see that you are displaying the content from the most popular Social Media Platforms, they simply pick their mobile device up and use their favourite Social Media Platform to post something about your restaurant. You are just driving them to an #Hashtag and giving them a possibility of 15 seconds of fame and they are just rushing to the gold. Since they are using the free time between the order and delivery they even think that your service is faster. So I don’t know you guys, but I like Win-Win-Win situations.


Restaurant Indoor Screen Social Wall


3) Facebook Tabs

Facebook has many features for Pages. Facebook Tabs are only one of those. You can use them efficiently to increase Social Media engagement. How? By simply creating a new tab for your Facebook Page and displaying your Social Media Display there. You would display all of your Social Media Feed to those who reached only your Facebook Page. Isn’t it great?


How can Publing help you?

Publing is an affordable tool to aggregate the content from the most popular Social Media Platforms for you to control, customise and display in either on a screen, on your web page or wherever you like to display. It gives you the freedom to use user-generated and brand generated content altogether for all kinds of marketing purposes. It is a great tool for your restaurant as it is for many who has been working with us. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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