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Cross-Channel Marketing via Social Media Aggregators

What is Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing is a marketing strategy of using more than one to reach customers. It also eases the way for customers through the desired conversions. It simply enables for your customers to reach the content by using the platform they are most comfortable with. The biggest success, marketing wise, comes from creating connected cross-channel marketing strategies. TV Shows having a hashtag campaign could be a simple yet perfect example to explain what it actually is.


Why Cross-Channel Marketing is Important
Nowadays consumers are not using only one device but many, as they don’t use only one Social Media Platform but many.  This is why you need to channel them. You need to navigate them thru to the content you want them to see. So as a marketing term, it is called cross-channel marketing.  As everything about marketing, this is also about engaging with your customers, on the correct platform with the correct content.

Your target profile may not know all of your Social Media accounts. And this is normal, right? No matter how engaged your customers are, you can’t expect them to spend all of their time to follow your Social Media accounts to reach the content. From the perspective of possible customers, the chance is even lower. Let’s say one possible customer is following your Facebook page. To be able to reach the content he or she must check your Facebook page or the timing must be great so he/she can see the content on his/her newsfeed.  


Multi Channel Marketing


How you can Utilise Social Media Aggregators for Cross-Channel Marketing
As American rapper Eminem mentioned, in some cases you have only one chance, one opportunity. So you should use it well. You have to be sure that your target will reach the content that he or she should reach.  For instance, in normal circumstances, a person who is following your Facebook page would reach only the Facebook content but with the help of Social Media Aggregators, he or she will be able to reach your Instagram content as well.  Since Social Media Aggregators are simply aggregating the social media platforms, you, for sure, can increase your chances to have your customers more of the content. Promote your social hub, instead of promoting all of your social media accounts, so you can be sure that all of your marketing content and also the user generated content will reach the target. The more they will reach the content, the more they will get engaged with your brand.


What Publing has to Offer

Publing is an affordable tool to aggregate the content from the most popular Social Media Platforms for you to control, customise and display in either on a screen or on your web page. It gives you the freedom to utilise user generated and brand generated content altogether.  

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