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How to Increase Customer Engagement with Local Customers via Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing world is thinking that marketing to everyone is a smart idea. Let’s clear this out. It is not. You have to specify your marketing strategy by defining a target group. There are several strategies work only for local customers for instance.

If you don’t own an e-store, It is smart to aim the local people who lives or works close to your business .  

So let’s think that you are aiming to attract local people within 30 km radius. And see what you can do to attract them.




Instagram and its owner Facebook gives you great ability to aim local people. So you can easily use these two social media platforms to reach them.


Boosting your Facebook posts

Facebook pages are not the attraction center if you are not using them wisely. You can boost your posts to your target group. Check Facebook Ads Manager for possible options and use them. With a little budget, you can reach lot’s of people and have a possibility to use them to increase customer engagement.


Promoting Check-Ins

Either using signs on your shop to remind them to check-in or giving them free products for each check-in is a good strategy.  Your customers would be using Swarm or Facebook to check-in, both of them are pretty useful but since we are using Facebook to reach local people, you can encourage them as to do so as well.


Facebook Groups

Local community builds facebook groups most of the time. They buy and sell stuff or sharing news about the neighbourhood. So these groups gather your target group together. So rather than spamming your information there, you can take part in the action. You can encourage them to use your place as a meeting point for instance.



You can repost the content from your business’ page but don’t repost everything so you wouldn’t annoy your family and friends. When something important happens, just hit the button so more people can hear about it.




As Facebook, Instagram also gives you the ability to localise your ads. So when you are giving them a great sale or promotion, spread the word. Reach them so they can get to know about this sale or promotion so they can come to collect.



People love to compete. So you can support local competitions or you can start one. You can put a prize pool for a photography contest on Facebook or Instagram.  

Displaying the social media and user generated content is another thing you should focus. You can use indoor screens or your website to display the content and show your customers what they say really matter. Displaying the social media content and user generated content is something you can easily set up and start to get benefits of it.

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