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Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

One simple question: do you believe everything you see on ads? When a company talks highly about their products? Do you fully believe what they say? Probably,no. So why would your customers believe everything you say? Even if we all would love to think, our customers would believe everything we say, they just don’t. And it is normal. We are living in 21st century. We got taught not to believe everything. But there are some people we like to listen, whose ideas mean something to us to whom we trust. Family and friends. So when they say something, almost all of us tend to listen. When our family members or friends tell a restaurant is good, we would like to go and try.


Building a Strategy to Use Positive Impact of Social Media


Imagine that you are going to take someone important to you to a restaurant. Would you take them to somewhere you have no knowledge of? You probably, wouldn’t. You would ask your friends or at least check their website or their social media accounts. So what would you like to see? The pictures taken under perfect studio lights? Come on! No one is interested with these pictures any more. They want to know what is real. They want to know what is the food you serve look like, how is the atmosphere, how satisfied your customers are with the service they got and if the customers are connected with the restaurant, if they own the restaurant.


Brand Advocacy


Think that you have a customer who speaks highly about your restaurant and passes positive input about your services to the other people; what he or she does is brand advocacy. Basicly, every happy customer brings you more customers. If you are successful to engage your customers with your restaurant the more customers will become advocates of your restaurant. The more they will share the word, the more people will come to check if you are really good as they’ve told.


5 Tips to Use Your Website and Social Media More Efficiently 


  • Instead of professional pictures, use user created content to show what you serve.
  • Engage your customers by using #Hashtags
  • Make social media promotions
  • Use Publing to display the social feed on indoor screens to connect them more with your restaurant
  • Use Publing to Display social feed on your website

Publing is a state-of-the-art social media aggregator software. It gathers all the related data from the most popular social media platforms to give you the freedom to check, customize and display the social media on a screen and/or on your website.

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